Thanks go to the College of Liberal Arts, Journalism & Communication at the Ocean University of China and the College of Education, Health and Aviation and the School of Teaching, Learning and Educational Sciences at Oklahoma State University. With key support from these two institutions, we are able to provide Chinese-English translation for the symposium.

We thank founding organizers of the China-US Children’s Literature Symposium–Professors Ziqiang Zhu, Claudia Nelson, Derong David Xu, and Yirong Luo–for offering generous guidance. Professor Nelson’s crucial input helped shape the thematic focus of the symposium and kick off the planning process. We thank her for inviting the Cotsen Children’s Library to be the host of the 2018 symposium four years ago, when the Second China-US Children’s Literature Symposium was held at the University of South Carolina. As with past symposiums, Ocean University of China coordinated paper submissions from Chinese-speaking areas; its faculty and students provided expert written translation of papers and oral interpretation of presentations.

Thanks go to Candied Plums for granting us permission to use “I will always recognize you by your scent,” the illustration from Little Rabbit’s Questions (2016) created by Dayong Gan and translated by Helen Wang.

We would like to acknowledge the following individuals for their irreplaceable contributions to the planning work of the symposium:

Yuzhou Bai • Jeff Barton • Tayla Burns • Stanley Cheek • Ian Dooley • Darlene A. Dreyer • Andrew Dudley • Tracie R. Emanuel • Patricia A. Gaspari-Bridges • Michelle A. Horgan • Sarah E. Jackson • Miriam Jankiewicz • Anna Leader • Xiaocui Li • Jaspreet Longia • Wilmary Lopez • David S. Magier • Miranda Marraccini • Michelle Martin • April Miller • Michael D. Muzzie • Maureen A. Novozinsky • Marilynn S. Olson • Stephanie J. Ramirez • Leona Rosso-Dzugan • Yuming Sun • Michelle Tan • Barbara H. Valenza • Elsie M. Wirth • Frank Yandrisevits • Chi Yu • Tara R. Zarillo • Tong Nancy Zhang • Joy Zhao • Katie R. Zondlo